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Is it time to get your air ducts cleaned?

It’s hot outside, and with these sweltering, oppressive Indiana temperatures, life would be pretty unbearable without a properly functioning air conditioner. That’s why we at Breedlove Dobbs always recommend keeping your system in good... Read More »

How to Control Spring Allergies

Although a very beautiful time of year, spring time means allergies for a large amount of the population. Just like outdoor allergies can cause illness, and fatigue, so can indoor allergies. Dust mites, pet... Read More »

Mold in Your Air Conditioner?

Ever notice mold coming from your air conditioner vents? It may be causing health issues for you and your family. Although this is a common problem, thankfully it is easy to clean and get... Read More »

Ease Your Child’s Asthma Symptoms

It’s tough to watch your child feel ill when suffering from asthma symptoms in your own home. As a parent, you want to do anything and everything you can to make sure you children... Read More »

Carbon Furnace Filter

As the snow begins to fall and particles in the air are starting to fly, it is time to check your air filters. Not only can you check the filter, but think of switching... Read More »

Whole Home Humidifiers

With the colder months quickly approaching, it is time to start preparing your home for the drier air of winter months. Luckily, humidification is one of the easiest, most effective ways to combat this... Read More »

Indoor Air Pollution and Volatile Organic Compounds

What are Volatile Organic Compounds? Indoor air pollution and volatile organic compounds are chemicals that are airborne and are commonly found in homes, offices, schools, and various other indoor areas where people gather. Volatile... Read More »

Dehumidification For Your Whole House

Dehumidify Your Entire Home With summer in full swing and the thick humid air that it brings, it is probably at the top of your list keeping your home as comfortable as possible. With... Read More »

How Your Heating and Air Conditioning Can Reduce Allergies

Installing simple, yet effective, Heating and Air Conditioning products can make a big difference in your fight against allergies If you or a family member suffers from seasonal or year round allergies, installing different... Read More »

Allergens: They’re Not Just Outside

It’s allergy season and you, like most people, are probably suffering. While many people attribute this to outdoor allergens, there are common indoor allergens that contribute to an already uncomfortable situation. Toxic chemical vapors, germs, and mold in your home... Read More »


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