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Prepping your furnace for winter

As leaves are changing colors, and temperatures are dropping, we know that winter isn’t far away. Also, with cooler temperatures, many homeowners will be turning on their furnaces for the first time. But, did... Read More »

Air Duct Maintenance

Air Duct Maintenance Before Winter Yes, the rumors are true; winter is here and so is the time to have your air ducts cleaned! Cleaning your air ducts is very important for your health, as... Read More »

Winter Maintenance Checklist

HVAC Winter Maintenance Checklist Before the cold weather sets in, you should have your HVAC system inspected by a licensed professional and Breedlove Dobbs Heating and Cooling is here to help! A well tuned... Read More »

Why You Should Check Your Boiler This Fall

Many times, customers think that the fall time is just for furnace maintenance and check ups. Wrong! Boilers are just as important because they are special pieces of equipment that are crucial to keeping... Read More »

Fall Maintenance Checklist

With the fall season here, it is important to be up to date on your home maintenance for the season. By always maintaining your home equipment, it will not only help lower your monthly... Read More »

The Blower Door Test

Every home has air leaks throughout its build but as homes age, the more leaks there can be. With many small air leaks, your energy bills could be much higher than they need to... Read More »

Why is my Furnace Leaking Water?

While there are many explanations and reasons as to why your furnace may be leaking water, we’ve listed a few of the more common reasons below. With cooler air temperatures outside, this is a... Read More »

Why a Cool Day is the Best Day for an AC Tune-Up

Although right now may not be the time of year when you have air conditioning on your mind, but it always a good idea to plan ahead for an AC tune-up. We frequently get... Read More »

6 Ways to Save Your AC Energy

Nobody likes spending more money on their air conditioning bills than they really have to. Especially when the weather starts getting warmer, you’ll want to know the most efficient way to run your home... Read More »

5 Air Conditioning Issues That Will Drive You Crazy

There is nothing more frustrating than when your air conditioning unit isn’t functioning properly, and you cannot figure out why. Below we’ve listed a few of our most common air conditioning issues, and simple... Read More »
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