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Are Solar Panels Worth It?

Solar panels are becoming one of the most popular ways for homeowners to save money while being energy efficient. Solar power makes it possible to use power from the sun to power your household... Read More »

Save Money on Your Water Bill While You’re Gardening

You are probably thinking that it is impossible to save water while working outside in your yard. After all, your beautiful garden and plants need water to live and grow. It might sound crazy,... Read More »

Does Leaving Your Windows Open Save You Money?

Air conditioner units are complex machines with simple functionality. Because of the simple functionality, many people make avoidable mistakes when it comes to cooling their homes. One of those mistakes is having the air... Read More »

How Energy-efficient Light Bulbs Have Improved

Energy-efficient light bulbs have come a long way over the years. The lighting efficiency standards require light bulbs to use about 25 percent less energy. Since 2014, several manufacturers have released ENERGY STAR bulbs... Read More »

How a Generator Can Protect Your Household

We often take advantage of the electricity that powers our home. Electricity provides power to the lights to our homes and powers every appliance and piece of technology. We don’t realize how much we... Read More »

Energy-efficient Light Bulbs for Your Home

Did you know that replacing a traditional incandescent bulb with energy-efficient light bulbs is one of the fastest ways to cut your energy bills? You better believe it. About 90 percent of the energy... Read More »

Four Heating and Cooling Accessories that will Save You Money

Purchasing the right heating and cooling accessories does not have to be a stressful task. There are accessories out there that can help save energy while saving you money. They may seem like accessories... Read More »

Preparing your home for extra company

With the holiday season in full swing, if you’re like most homeowners, you’re probably entertaining family and friends. Indeed, it’s the most wonderful time of the year for a reason, but it can also... Read More »

Survive the Winter Blitz

As seasons change, our thoughts turn to pumpkin spice lattes, hayrides and bonfires spent with friends and family. With these changes, it’s pretty certain that cooler temperatures are not far behind. But, living in... Read More »

Our Top Priority: Customer Trust

At Breedlove Dobbs Heating and Cooling, nothing is more important to us than our customers. We pride ourselves on taking the best care of our customers each time we visit their homes to fix... Read More »
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