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Is it time to get your air ducts cleaned?

It’s hot outside, and with these sweltering, oppressive Indiana temperatures, life would be pretty unbearable without a properly functioning air conditioner. That’s why we at Breedlove Dobbs always recommend keeping your system in good... Read More »


At Breedlove Dobbs we focus on delivering value for our clients over trying to come up with marketing jingles. Tom did try to make one back in the day, it did not end well.... Read More »

How to know if your AC Tech meets the Gold Standard

Selecting the right heating and cooling team is a very crucial decision. You want to know that they will do a good job repairing or inspecting your system and that they are someone you... Read More »

Our Award Winning Service

When you have been in business for over 40 years it is assumed you know what you are doing, but we aren’t okay with the staus quo. We strive to provide the best service... Read More »

Home Energy Inspection: What is it?

We have been giving out home energy inspections throughout the winter. Many people have been asking: What is a home energy inspection? We decided to make a quick but convenient video to show you... Read More »

It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year to Stay Warm!

Enjoy your holiday season without the stress and worries of your heating systems. The winters in Indiana can be harsh, especially if your home heater has problem giving you sufficient warmth. If you discover... Read More »

Air Duct Maintenance

Air Duct Maintenance Before Winter Yes, the rumors are true; winter is here and so is the time to have your air ducts cleaned! Cleaning your air ducts is very important for your health, as... Read More »

Why You Should Check Your Boiler This Fall

Many times, customers think that the fall time is just for furnace maintenance and check ups. Wrong! Boilers are just as important because they are special pieces of equipment that are crucial to keeping... Read More »

Most Common Fall HVAC Calls

The perception may be that most HVAC service calls happen in the summer and winter when the outside temperatures spike to either extremes but the truth is, the fall season is just as busy!... Read More »

Why a Cool Day is the Best Day for an AC Tune-Up

Although right now may not be the time of year when you have air conditioning on your mind, but it always a good idea to plan ahead for an AC tune-up. We frequently get... Read More »
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