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We’re proud of our employees here at Breedlove Dobbs Heating and Cooling and have asked them to work for us because we know they’ll give you the professional, friendly service that you expect. All of our employees are certified and professionally trained. Each potential employee receives a background check and drug testing. Additionally, we provide continuing education to all service staff so we know we’re sending our technicians into your home filled with the most up-to-date knowledge there is.Owning a business in heating and cooling wasn’t something that we were born into. We chose this profession because it has become something that we are passionate about. We pride ourselves on our chosen passion and we truly love our craft. There is nothing more satisfying to us than creating a comfortable solution for you and your family.Here is our wonderful staff. Know someone who would make a good addition? Have them e-mail their resume to We’d love to meet them!


Jeff Rich


Jeff was born in the late 1950’s in Indianapolis, Indiana and attended Arsenal Technical High School where he graduated in 1978.  He majored in Mechanics and Auto Body and his love for cars started in his own backyard as he helped his dad work on people’s cars for a living.  Jeff also helped his uncle work on building race cars for the Speedrome.  He disassembled his first car when he was twelve.  When Jeff was seventeen, he bought a 66 Dodge Charger from the junk yard and re-built it to a street worthy car.

In 1979, Jeff married his high school sweetheart and was blessed with two boys. Him and his wife have also been blessed with three beautiful grandchildren.

During the first 20 years of marriage, Jeff worked in an apartment complex as head maintenance where he learned how to fix furnaces and air conditioners, plus all major appliances. He also helped design and build two new apartment buildings, built his bosses house and installed his first in floor heating system.

In 1998, Jeff’s brother Rich asked if he would be willing to go into business with him. They eventually founded Rich Brothers, Inc., and bought their first business, Breedlove Dobbs Heating and Air Conditioning.

The first few years Jeff worked in the field and in the office as they grew the business.  Once they were able to afford it, Jeff and Tom hired staff and purchased a few trucks.  Since then we have acquired three companies and no longer have to work in the field.

Over the years Jeff and Tom have done a lot of training and learning how to properly run a business.  Jeff is now doing sales with a love for people, and pride in his work, selling has become something he really enjoys.

In 2011, Rich Brothers Inc. was awarded the Bryant Medal of Excellence Award.  We are the first company in Indianapolis, Indiana to win the award.


Tom Rich


Tom started in heating and cooling in 1986 as a parts runner and warehouse worker. Tom was let go after 6 months due to getting in too many accidents in the company truck. Tom went to work with his uncle Mike at a new company on the north side of Indianapolis where after another 6 months, Tom was told he did not have what it took to make it in the industry. Tom believes this was the best thing that anyone could have said to him.

After working there a few months and going to trade school for heating and cooling at night, Tom had an actual epiphany. He realized that the place he was collecting a paycheck had no real long term opportunities so at that moment, he picked up the phone and called the first place he worked in heating and cooling and begged for his job back. Tom worked as a helper for the next few months and then as a crew leader. Tom graduated at the top of his class from ITT Heating and Air Conditioning Trade School in 1988 he started running service as part of the first group of technicians in Indianapolis to be RSES certified. Knowing the leadership was in place at this company, he moved to another heating and cooling company where he took on his first leadership role as Field Supervisor over 5 crews. That company was sold and the new management brought in their own people. Tom went back to the company that gave him a second chance and asked them for a third chance. They agreed and gave him a sales job. Tom asked where his leads were going to come from. Tom’s boss handed him the Yellow Pages and said there you go now go sell something. His quota was $500k for the first year and Tom was able to sell $800k in the first year. Not bad for not having a clue on what he was doing when he first started. Things settled down and Tom had a lot of  repeat customers.

Tom and Jeff  took over Breedlove Dobbs Heating and Cooling together where they grew it substantially over the first year.

In the time Jeff and Tom have owned Breedlove Dobbs, they have received numerous awards including 3 Circle of Champion Awards, and Tom’s favorite the Metal Of Excellence Award.  The MOE is only given to 15 dealers across the country each year. They are members of many heating and cooling originations and they both were on the board of directors for the Heating and Air Conditioning Alliance of Indiana. Tom and Jeff believe strongly in continued education both for their technicians as well as all of the people that work with us.

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